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Главная Статьи Opportunity to work with Stanford/Harvard MBAs

Opportunity to work with Stanford/Harvard MBAs

Vacancy: Knowledge Architect

KeyIdeas: Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, our team of Stanford, Harvard and MIT alumni develops a computer system that pushes the cutting-edge of Artificial Intelligence technology.

A user types in a sophisticated problem in plain English, and after a series of in-depth queries, the system suggests insights to solve the given problem. As a result, the system significantly reduces the time spent on complex problem solving in wide range of disciplines.

Among the first applications of the technology, users can ask the system any questions on managing a business. To handle these queries successfully, the system needs to have a comprehensive database covering most critical body of knowledge in the field. The database will be created using high quality teaching materials shared by successful executives and top business schools (e.g., Stanford and Harvard).

Job description:

As a Knowledge Architect, you will be building a knowledge base on business administration.
The knowledge base consists of the key ideas, concise pieces of knowledge that are applicable to important real world problems. Minimum Viable Product and Innovator’s Dilemma are examples of key ideas in business.

Given a modular nature of the job, we welcome both full-time employees and half-time remote contractors.

This is an opportunity to

  • Study highest quality business materials covering 2-year MBA curriculum at top business schools;
  • Gain entrepreneurship experience working with the high-tech Silicon Valley startup;
  • Get recognition for your work in the form of having your name available any time a user accesses the content (e.g.,  "This idea was made available by John Smith").

We offer competitive salary.


Interested candidates should send their resumes to jobs@keyideas.com with a subject line “RSI Name Surname” (e.g. RSI John Smith).
The deadline for application is July 24, 2013.